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Spec Racer Ford

Spec Racer Ford. Iracing season | 2022 s1. This page started as i was swapping my focus to srf, it was short lived.

Assembled Superlite GTR for sale Rare Car Network from

Spec racer ford rental, csr, arrive & drive racing sf specracer. Post your ssca spec racer ford setups here! The ultimate in spec competition.

Power Is By A Ford 1.9 Liter, Hemispherical Head, 4 Cylinder Engine.

Lboth ligher weight and more powerful!!! Our fleet of race cars consists of sccaspecracer fords (srf). The spec map is automatically applied to this paint when it’s raced in iracing.

The Front Section Of The Spec Racer Ford Has A Lot Aluminum Sheeting Including The Front Nose Pan And Radiator Cooling Ducts.

Engine just returned and installed from overrev service If you are sleeping on the spec ford, wake up. With an hrace rental, we provide you with a competitive, reliable race car and all the crew support for the event.

Gen3 Spec Racer Ford For Sale.

This can be very confusing for the first few times. I ran the whole series last session and finished 7th in my division and had a ball the whole time. Spec maps can be used to achieve glossy, matte, chrome, and other effects.

Spec Racing These Cars Are A Unique Option For All Racing Enthusiasts.

Srf's are part of three competitive series: An scca enterprises spec racer is unique in racing. Fast, safe, and reliable, the srf is one of the largest car groups in scca racing.

Inspect The Condition And See If It Needs To Be Replaced.

Srf’s are the most exciting and competitive classes available to scca members, nasa drivers, and drivers looking to experience the racetrack. Scca enterprises specializes in the manufacturing, maintenance and marketing of purpose built race cars which include the spec racer® ford (srf), formula enterprises (fe) and enterprises sports racer (esr). While this update will not see any significant art updates, the underlying chassis and performance has been upgraded.

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